Zip Dee Awning Rear Curved Clamp Assembly, Righthand - 210122

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Zip Dee Awning Rear Curved Clamp Assembly, Lefthand for Zip Dee Contour Awnings.

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On a Zip Dee Awning the rafter arm attaches to the Airstream trailer with the Curved Clamp Assembly. The assembly has a curved back face which matches the curve in the Airstream Trailer Body. This Clamp Assembly will only replace the one towards the rear of the trailer. The assembly includes the threaded stud and drive pin. The screws 317030 used to install it are sold separately.

Locking your Zip Dee awning is possible only if your Zip Dee Rear Curved Clamp Assembly and Top Lock Wheel 210390 are in good condition. Tighten clamp wheel before moving your trailer using the Zip Dee front curved clamp assembly and wheel.

 Use isolation material, like foam gasket material, double-sided tapes, etc.,  to prevent foreign metals from touching the Aluminum skin of the body of any Airstream. Foreign metals touching the Aluminum skin can cause corrosive reactions. This also includes aluminum castings due to the introduction of other metals in the casting process.